SEN Workshops

We bring in two specialist music and drama practitioners, who both have vast experience in their creative fields, coupled with a commitment to working with children with a broad range of disabilities. The school can decide to work from an original musical written by Arts Insight or from a bespoke script which, over the period of the workshop (varying between one to five days), is developed in partnership between the children and our leaders.

Taking into account the range of abilities and specialist needs (e.g. limited movement), our team provides constant stimulation through live music and visual art. The children are involved as participators and encouraged to interact, create and develop their own movements, sounds, stories and songs throughout the rehearsal. This process encourages a huge sense of ownership and achievement for every child involved as well as leaving a lasting positive impact at every school.

Each workshop can involve up to 60 students, in small groups of children aged between 6 and 18, always culminating in a wonderful performance before peers, parents and the local community.