Why we exist

Our mission is simple: to offer young pupils rare vocational experiences in the form of music, movement and drama workshops. Using performing arts as a vehicle, we encourage teamwork, dedication, ambition and self-belief. By promoting a strong work ethic and desire to succeed, we equip children with essential skills for life.

Our workshops prove that when children are given a role to play they are able to act responsibly, be trustworthy, whilst communicating well and working together as a team. All of this is achieved while educating everyone involved on prevalent issues today such as Aspirations, the Environment and Healthy Lifestyles Choices.

Recently, Prince Charles attacked British schools for not preparing children for the world of work. He said the education system is leaving children bereft of vital life skills and unable to develop the confidence they need to mature into successful adults; “life skills – which consist of developing self-esteem, self-confidence, looking people in the eye – all these things are not taught in schools or hardly at all.”

This is precisely the issue we are addressing directly through our workshops: we are equipping children with skills that will help them to develop into responsible, confident, hard-working young adults.