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Five-day musical workshop

The longer the workshop, the more of an impact we can make. Our five-day workshops enable us to work with the whole of Key Stage 2, which depending on the size of the school can be up to 350 children. The children and the teachers become the performers and backstage crew, which includes the set and props department, costume designers, marketing team, photographers, reporters/ bloggers, technical crew and front-of-house staff. With everyone playing a vitally important role over the course of the workshop the school is transformed into a professional working theatre. These workshops enable us to offer this young age group rare and invaluable vocational experiences that promote teamwork, perseverance, self-confidence, a positive attitude towards work and a sense of ownership and pride. As with our shorter workshops the children’s hard work and achievements are celebrated in two public performances on the final day in front of the school and local community.

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