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Our story

Arts Insight is a national charity on a mission to build a brighter future for young people through the arts. Our workshops use dramatic art, mixed media and music to equip children with skills that will help them to develop into responsible, confident, hard-working young adults.


We are the UK’s only charity that provides vocational training for this young (primary school) age group through our theatrical workshops, that teach children confidence, teamwork, resilience and self-belief. All the essential skills for life and in demand from employers.


Educators, politicians and parents recognise that one of the most effective ways to develop soft skills and emotional intelligence in children and young people is taking part in performing arts in school. Skills that are often not developed through the traditional education system. The importance of performing arts in education is significant. The physical, emotional and social benefits help children develop vital educational and leadership skills, boost self-esteem, build confidence and teach skills they will use throughout their lives.


Our workshops prove that when you give children a role to play, they respond positively and work together as a team. All of this is achieved while educating everyone involved on issues children face today like aspirations, the environment and making the right lifestyles choices.


Founded in November 2010, Arts Insight gained charitable status in January 2011 and partner schools across the UK to provide this essential provision to as many school communities as possible.

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