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Arts Inside Creative Online Learning Terms and Conditions



Who we are and how to contact us is a site operated by Arts-Insight, T/as Arts Inside ("We"). We are a registered charity in England, Scotland and Wales under the charity registration number 1139976 and a registered company in England and Wales with company registration number 07107557 and have our registered office at 75 Moorside Crescent, Sinfin, Derby, DE249PH.

To contact us, please email or telephone us: 01926 634758 or write to us at: The Coach House, Main Street, Hunningham, Warwickshire. CV33 9DY.


Our on-line learning services (Services) are made available to Parents or Guardians who subscribe to the Services on behalf of one or more children in their household (Participators).


By subscribing to Arts Inside Creative Online Learning you become a member (Member) and you are bound by these Terms and Conditions (Terms). Members will have access to weekly online sessions and free activities for the Participators.


The Agreement is made between the Parent/Guardian (Member) and Arts Inside.

1. Introduction


1.1 - These terms apply to all Members and the Participators who will be attending the online teaching sessions and benefiting from live streaming sessions to a closed Facebook group.

1.1 - Members are required to consent to these by ticking the acceptance box for these Terms when submitting the electronic submission application form online via

1.2 - Only a Parent/Guardian can subscribe to become a member of Arts Inside Creative Online Learning via the Arts Inside’s website: Participators are not permitted to do so independently even if they have their own email address and/or social media account.

1.3 - We may update these Terms from time to time.

2. Becoming a member of Arts Inside Creative Online Learning

2.1 - By the Parent/Guardian completing the subscription process and paying a subscription fee of £5 they will become a full member of Arts Inside Creative Online Learning.

2.2 - Members are be able to book an unlimited number of interactive video sessions hosted by the Arts Inside teachers (Teachers) on the platform: ‘Zoom’.

2.3 - Members are able to access pre-recorded lessons for every session booked for Participators to continue to work/learn independently.

2.4 - Members are given access to the closed Facebook group in which Arts Inside will host a series of FREE Live Streaming sessions every week.During these sessions Participators:

(a)  can watch and join in with interactive creative games and exercises;

(b)  are given creative work/topic ideas to work on independently; and

(c)  have a weekly opportunity to share their own performances through pre-recorded films/work that the Members submit to Arts Inside on their behalf.



3. Arts Inside Sessions

3.1 - Arts Inside will be offering a weekly timetable of sessions all of which will be 20 minutes in length and a combination of those that carry a fee and those that will be free and live streamed to the closed Facebook group.


3.2 - Sessions that carry a fee will be a live and interactive Teacher led session using the ‘Zoom’ platform for its delivery.These sessions are offered multiple times throughout the course of the week in the following options:


(a)  1:1 (Solo Sessions: one Teacher and one Participator);

(b)  1:4-6 (Small Group Sessions: one Teacher and 4-6 Participators); and

(c)  1:18 (Large Group Sessions: one Teacher and 18 Participators).

3.3 - There is no limit to the number of sessions a Participator can take per week.

3.4 - For each session delivered Members will receive a pre-recorded version of that lesson for the Participator to benefit from independently and use as a visual and work based tool to learn from outside each session.


3.5 - Multiple times a week Arts Inside will host a series of FREE live streaming sessions to the closed Facebook group that only Participators will be able to join and share with their households. These sessions will include:



11am – 12pm: Through out this hour Arts Inside will host a weekly live session, which will start with an uplifting dramatic/physical/vocal warm-up game. Once the 'Motivator' is complete the weekly ‘Mission’ will be revealed: Every Monday a new stimulus will be announced, in the form of a piece of music, a piece of text, a picture, a photograph, a feeling for example. Each student will then use whichever creative expression they desire to create an original piece of performance/visual art such as; a recited original  poem, a performed monologue/short story, a dance, a song, a played piece of music, a painting, a sculpture/model, etc. The only stipulation is that the performance pieces are a maximum of 2 minutes in length.



4:15 – 4:30pm: The idea with this stream is to share updates, news, highlights and hopefully glimpses of work from the students each week. It can be a chance to unite the community of students who may not be in the same sessions each week and share positivity and fun through any and every artistic medium. If people miss the live session they will be able to watch it at their leisure in this groups timeline.



5pm every Thursday will be the deadline for the Participators ‘Monday Mission’ piece of work.Submissions are made via an email/transfer from the Member to By the Member sharing the Participators work, they acknowledge that they are giving their consent to Arts Inside to share this work on the closed Facebook group.



10am every Friday will be the reveal of the top 10 pieces of work as chosen by Arts Inside. These will be shared to the group as a movie for the students to enjoy. The final part of FRIDAY FOOTLIGHTS will be for students at home to vote for their favourite piece of work and confirm this by the member sending an email to: with the title: ARTIST OF THE WEEK!  Quoting piece 1 – 10 (students not voting for themselves). The name of the winning piece will be announced as a post on this group at 5pm every Friday. This piece will then enter the ARTS FROM THE INSIDE GALLERY, which will be joined by new pieces every week as a visual shared celebration of the student’s hard work.



4. Online Sessions Rules and Regulations

4.1 - By agreeing to these Terms Members are consenting that the Member and Participator will adhere to the following:


(a) all sessions will always start and end with a short Teacher and Member interaction;

(b) the Member does not need to be present (in the same room) as the Participator throughout the session;

(c) the Participator session should take place in an empty room, away from other family members to ensure minimal distractions and maximum gain from each session;

(d) the Teacher should be aware of their surroundings, and have a neutral background and ensure their environment poses no distraction, inappropriate imagery or unprofessional experiences for the Participator;

(e) the Teacher and Participator MUST be wearing suitable clothing as if a lesson were taking place in a school (that doesn’t mean school uniforms).

(f) the Participator acknowledges that anything that would not be allowed in the school environment will not be allowed in this environment and the Teacher and Member must reinforce this; and

(g) the Participator must remain on task throughout the entire session and remember that this is a professional setting and must act appropriately at all times.


4.2 - In large groups the Teacher may utilise actions which will visually instruct the group to follow specific techniques to ensure every Participator has maximum capacity to listen, understand and learn at all times.This could include the use of the ‘mute’ button for each Participators at certain points throughout the session so that the Teacher’s voice is the only voice being heard.


4.3 - Participators must remember that although these lessons will be fun and exciting, they are centered around learning and developing skills and NOT socialising with friends.


4.4 - The language used by the Teacher, Participator and any family members nearby must be appropriate and professional at all times.


4.5 - This section will be under constant review as both Participators and Teachers become more familiar with this way of working over the coming months.Arts Inside has thoroughly researched the ‘Zoom’ platform and insists all parties adhere to the procedures, rules and regulations set out in this section 4 at all times throughout the online sessions.



5. Booking Payments and Fees

5.1 - Once the online subscription has been completed and the subscription fee has been paid; Members will be given access to the Members page on the website.Be invited to join the closed Facebook group (where all the free sessions will take place) and be able to view and start booking (students) into the online sessions using the bookings forms and timetable.


5.2 - The weekly interactive timetable will list all the free and fee attached sessions, which will be taking place that week.

5.3 - The free sessions can be accessed immediately as long as a Member joins the closed Facebook group.

5.4 - A Member will also be able to book and pay for the Teacher led online sessions via the ‘Zoom’ platform.These are all 20 minutes in length and each carry a different cost depending on which of the following options is chosen:


(a) Solo Session: @ £10 per Participator per session;

(b) Small Group Session @ £6 per Participator per session; and

(c) Large Group Session @ £2 per Participator per session


5.5 - Member can choose to pay for a single session up to 1 hour before the session is scheduled to begin, (subject to availability).


5.6 - Members can also choose to book and pay for a block of 10 sessions, which carries a 10% discount.


5.7 - All payments are made using the payment service on the Members page.Payments must be made a minimum of 1 hour before the session is scheduled to start, if a payment isn’t made in this timeframe the Participator will not be permitted to partake in the session.

6. Cancellations and Refunds

6.1 - All sessions are non-refundable but solo session can be postponed (provided a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is given) and the fee for the session will be carried over as long as it takes place in the same week. This is not offered if a Member books a Small Group Session or Large Group Session.


6.2 - If a Participator misses more than three sessions in a row in a Large Group Session without prior notice from the Member to Arts Inside via an email to and there is a waiting list for this session, that Participator will lose their place and no refund offered even if a block payment had been made.


7. Use of Personal Information

Personal data (as it is defined in the Data Protection Act 2018) of a Member and Participators will be processed by Arts Inside in accordance with its Privacy Policy, which can be found here.



8. Copyright

All original material supplied by Arts Inside (Arts Inside) to the Participator will be clearly marked:  Copyright © 2020 Arts Insight. All rights reserved.  This material to include scripts and sheet music, must only be used by the Participators for the purposes of the session and independent learning.  This material must not be used online without the permission of Arts Insight and must not be shared with any third party.

9. General

9.1 - Arts Inside may, at its own discretion, refuse a Participator entry to Arts Inside online sessions if it is felt that the Participators behaviour is unacceptable.


9.2 - Arts Inside reserves the right to make changes to the timetable and to the teaching staff from the advertised programme in the event of illness or other circumstances beyond our control.


9.3 - Where a session of Arts Inside has to be cancelled by Arts Inside, the Teacher will give as much notice as possible. In the event of a last-minute session cancellation, the Member will be notified by email, text message, or a call to their mobile phone.


9.4 - These Terms constitute the entire agreement between Arts Inside and the Member.


9.5 - In the event that one or more of the provisions of the Agreement are found to be unlawful or otherwise unenforceable, those provisions shall be deemed severed from the remainder of the Agreement.


9.6 - If a Member wishes to terminate the Agreement they must do so in writing and send to


9.7 - Arts Inside will continue to monitor the demand for these sessions over the coming months.If there is still demand once children return to school for half term and school holiday sessions Arts Inside will continue to offer these provisions for as long as there is demand for these Services.


9.8 - Any changes to the Services will be given in writing to all Members via the Member’s email that was provided when the Member subscribed Arts Inside.


9.9 - The Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of England and Wales and any dispute, proceedings or claim shall fall within the jurisdiction of the English courts.

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