Workshop themes

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

In every house, in every street, in every country of the world, an epidemic is taking hold. The parks, playing fields and swimming pools are becoming desolate as children opt for a far less healthy way to spend their time. Locked inside their stuffy bedrooms, not speaking, barely noticing their surroundings, completely consumed by… Their COMPUTER GAMES. In a twist of fate one eventful night, these gamers are given the lesson of a life time when one of their computer favourites ‘Captain Health and his Fitness Crusaders’, takes back the controls and sets the children on a mission all of their own.

Respect! Social Inclusion and Co-existence

In a world where mutual respect is decreasing, we explore what a little human decency and acceptance of others could do if everyone followed the ‘Code’:

R = Respect E = Everyone S = So P = People E = Everywhere C = Co-exist T = Together.

Using the vibrant and varied backdrop of the ‘Circus’ we see the obstacles and difficulties faced when people from very different backgrounds and beliefs are forced to co-exist in the same environment. Initially this causes unrest, will they follow the ‘Code’ and celebrate each other’s difference or remain fractured?

Our Planet

In our ever-changing world, society needs to understand the impact of its presence on our planet.  Using the “Big Foots” and “Tiny Toes” to represent those who have different size carbon footprints, the two groups explore daily situations, and the audience are shown how their varying behaviour can affect our environment.  By the end of the story the “Tiny Toes” are able to educate the “Big Foots” and the audience on how to behave if we want our planet to survive.


When a group of school children in the UK are given a project on Africa, little did they know they would be transported to another continent to experience the environment, culture and lifestyles for themselves.


Focusing on the subject of aspirations, this show follows the journey of contestants in a game show who are desperate to prove to the ‘bosses’ that they have all the like skills needed to be awarded their dream jobs.  Valuable lessons are explored in their quest to be the best they can be.

World War 1 – Life in the Trenches

“Dear mum, got injured in battle this week, at least it gets me out of the trenches for a while. There are rats as big as cats down there.”
Following the stories of five soldiers from the time they are called to arms, through to their new lives in the trenches, documented by letters home to their families, we discover what life was really like in the trenches and how the soldiers coped with living in such difficult conditions.