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Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation awards Arts Insight ‘Empower’ grant

We are delighted to announce that we have received an ‘Empower’ grant in a new round of funding announced by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.

As a result of this grant Arts Insight will directly benefit in the region of 1,500 children and 150 school staff in primary and SEN (Special Educational Needs) schools nationwide. A further 1000 members of the local community will indirectly benefit as audience members.

Laura Berridge founder and artistic director said: “We have just learnt the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation is going to support us once again this year. We feel so honoured to be recognised and supported by this wonderful foundation and thank them for believing in us. Receiving this grant means we can continue to promote the importance of the arts in schools and benefit the lives of even more children who have limited or no access to these experiences.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “Engagement in the arts changes lives. The positive impact of the arts on health, social mobility and wellbeing is now irrefutable. I passionately believe that everyone in this country, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, should be able to participate. I am thrilled our foundation is able to support projects that widen access, inspire creativity and deliver opportunities. We are proud to support Arts Insight, enriching young lives and empowering the next generation to succeed.”

This is a double celebration as this year marks our 10th anniversary. During that time we have delivered musical workshops designed to push every child to grow in confidence, be creative and act responsibly. In a safe school environment we encourage children to lose their inhibitions and discover new skills, whilst learning about important issues and subject matter that the theme of the show focuses on, such as ‘respect’ and ‘climate change’.

The ‘Empower’ grant is for projects that allow renowned practitioners to apply resources widely, unlocking access to high quality arts and heritage education and training for a significant number of people.

This is the second time the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation has awarded Arts Insight a grant.

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