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Big Foot and Tiny Toes

Workshops to help children develop critical thinking, creative expression and the learning of essential life skills through the arts.

At a time when the number of hours the arts is taught schools are declining, we believe access to the arts has become more important than ever. If studying the arts provides a chance for a child to learn important life skills, we cannot risk a generation of young people losing out. We need the arts for every child to build brighter futures.

Our five-day workshops offer children exactly this. A week of encounters that explore the transformative experience of creativity in learning outside of the classroom. Everyone gets involved from pupils to teachers and support staff, which allows the school to reboot the way they think about and support the role that creativity plays in the lives of young people. At our heart is the conviction that if we are to nurture the learning capability of children, an arts-rich education should be central to the whole school experience.

We know that choosing topical themes is important to get children interested and helps them connect to the outside world and supports their learning.

With all the news at the moment about protecting our planet, it’s important we talk to children about climate change in a safe and empowering, rather than a traumatising way. We need to help them understand what needs to be done, to recognise what matters most and to take action to help protect the places, animals and things they love.

Children learn by watching, by listening and especially by doing. This show uses the ‘Big Foots’ and ‘Tiny Toes’ to represent those who have different size carbon footprints and explore the impact these opposing characters have on our planet. This workshop explores this important topic in a fun and interactive way, to help children understand the message and link it to their own and their families lives. Our workshops always provide an environment where children can explore, learn, try new things and talk about what they are doing and learning with each other and when they get home.

Everyone plays a vital role, as the school is transformed into a professional working theatre. And by the end of the story, we hope the ‘Tiny Toes’ can educate the ‘Big Foots’ and the audience on how we need to change our behaviours to preserve our planet.

We are always researching new themes and would love to hear your ideas for future workshops.

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