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Using the arts to unite us in isolation

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 and the enforced school closures across the UK, Arts Insight has created Arts Inside; a remote teaching platform, designed to offer children and their families, resources and support via a creative online community. Just because we are in lockdown, it doesn’t mean children should miss out on an essential arts education and our aim is to deliver this service to as many families as we can across the UK for as long as they need it.

In this unprecedented time of uncertainty and disruption we want to utilise our skill sets, contacts and passion to help. As families are forced to navigate this new and challenging environment of home schooling, we believe Arts Inside can bring support and positivity to every household we work with.

Since 2010 Arts Insight has promoted the value of an essential arts education for every child. We have evidence from children, teachers, parents, governors, academy trusts and politicians proving the arts enriches lives, unlocks creative potential, improves life skills, develops positive behaviours and increases confidence. It encourages children to think outside the box, but most importantly it channels energy into an activity that encourages positivity, creativity and achievement in equal measures. Now more than ever children need to benefit from these skills.

Children need structure, ways to express themselves and a chance to explore their feelings. Children need to be amongst their peers. They must continue to learn new skills and be pushed and challenged whilst doing so. They must never lose their voice and must be given a platform from which to be heard. And parents…need a break!

Arts Inside wants to use creativity to unite as many people as we can in isolation. By giving people a virtual community during this time we can support each other, provide resources, structure, routine, values, stories and hope, all driven by the arts.

Arts Inside will support those families who are following a strict academic timetable. We will also support those families who are choosing a more informal way of home learning. Our goal is to compliment everyone’s shared mission of keeping family communities safe, well physically and mentally, then ease the transition back into 'normal life' when that day presents itself.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Harper James Solicitors, for their support, not only have they helped us create all the necessary safeguarding and policy documents to protect the charity and every user of Arts Inside, they are helping us spread the word in this fantastic article.

We would also like to thank Watchthisspce who have created our online platform in such a short space of time. I can’t wait to share your marvellous work with the world!

From Monday 20th April, Arts Inside will offer a comprehensive timetable of creative opportunities in the form of interactive teacher led sessions, live streaming activities and stimulus for independent learning, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Click here to sign up to Arts Inside

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