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What we do

Arts Insight is a national charity on a mission to build a brighter future for young people through the arts.

The importance of creative subjects in education shouldn’t be underestimated. The physical, emotional and social benefits help children develop vital educational and leadership skills, boost self-esteem, build confidence and teach skills they will use throughout their lives.

Educators, politicians and parents all recognise and agree that one of the most effective ways to develop these soft skills and emotional intelligence in children is for them to take part in performing arts in schools.

However, due to the slashing of the arts budgets it’s these skills that are often not developed, so our aim is to plug the gaps within the education system.

We do this through our musical workshops. We offer schools across the UK the opportunity to expose their children to our vocational training whilst sharing the magic, escapism, creativity and joy of theatre.

The team, with years of experience working within the arts, has created a successful format in which large numbers of children from every walk of life, of varying ages and abilities (mainstream and SEN) can be educated on any subject, whether it is academic, social or moral.

Our five-day workshops directly involve 300 children and their teachers who become the performers, the set and props department, costume designers, marketing team, photographers, reporters, assistant filmmakers, lighting and sound technicians and the front-of-house team. The whole school plays a vitally important role over the course of the workshop and is transformed into a professional working theatre.

Through our experience and workshops, we know when children are given a role to play; they act in a responsible and trustworthy way, whilst communicating well and working together as a team.

We encourage all children to develop their ability to take risks, show resilience, think independently and ultimately become young professionals with a clear job to do. Essential life skills that help all involved to grow in confidence throughout the project.

We use the most talented practitioners to educate and inspire the children and adults with their professional skills in music, theatre and filmmaking. Our workshops unite the entire school, breaking down the usually segregated school community and encouraging the use of practices learnt.

Since 2010 Arts Insight has continually travelled the UK and gathered evidence that proves the arts enriches lives, unlocks creative potential, improves life skills, changes behaviour and increases confidence. It encourages children to think outside the box, to meet and develop relationships with people they wouldn’t normally associate with. But most importantly it channels energy into an activity that encourages positivity, creativity and achievement in equal measures. We believe children need to be given multiple platforms from which to excel to achieve success now and in the future.

The arts empower everyone exposed to it and we want to make sure everyone has access to it. This is the driving force behind everything we do at Arts Insight, to ensure we continue to get the support, exposure and resources to enable our charity to deliver our workshops nationwide.

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