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Sign up to Arts Inside

To become a member of Arts Inside, we ask you to pay a one off subscription fee of £5. This gives you access to multiple free sessions per week, live streamed to a members only Facebook group. These will include interactive physical and vocal exercises and stimulus for creative independent learning. It will also ensure we create a safe online environment for parents and children to have unlimited access to this entirely original online community.


In addition every member will have unlimited access to a comprehensive timetable of teacher led sessions offered in the form of solo (£10 per session), small group (£6 per session) and large group options (£2 per session).

If you would like an alternative to Paypal, please email us to arrange payment at Once you have paid your £5 subscription fee please click on the link below to complete the subscription process.

Please check your junk mailbox or email us if you don’t receive confirmation of your membership within 2 hours.​


If at any time you have any questions please email

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